Adopt a Spot in Old Town

Have you ever wondered who is responsible for weeding and keeping the plants watered and happy in all of the tree wells? Well, the answer is all of us.

Volunteers have maintained all of the plants in tree wells, large planters, flower beds and parks. That said, it’s really tough to make sure things are consistently cared for and look good.

Here’s where you come in! We’d love for you to adopt a spot and make it your own by watering, weeding, adding more plants, picking up trash in and around it and doing anything else you’d like to make it look nice! We have approximately 27 tree wells and a handful of large, garden area planters we’d love for you to adopt!

Hate gardening or kill anything you touch? No worries! You can help pay for an Old Town teenager to maintain it for you! For $150, they (under the supervision of their parents, of course), will keep it looking pretty for you from June through December!

If you adopt a spot, we’ll place a small sign in the tree well that indicates your support, what you want to name your spot or a special (brief) message for someone! As these are public places, we can’t guarantee the signs will last, but we’ll have one there to help you get started!

To help remind you, we’ll also send out periodic reminders to go get your hands dirty and make Old Town look nice! If all goes well, you may see special recognition from the best spots!

Check out the available spots here.  The spots available for adoption are green. The taken spots are red.

If you’re interested, please respond to this Google form

Thank you for keeping Old Town beautiful!