Lumberjack Festival returns to Old Town Feb. 29

by Jamie Schriner, OTCA Volunteer

We’ve got an extra day in February, which means you have no excuse for not coming out and flexing your lumbery muscles at the 3rd annual Brrs, Beards & Brews: A Lumberjack Festival, taking place on Saturday, February 29 from noon to 5 p.m. Old Town Lansing’s forest, otherwise known as the 1200 block of Turner Street, will once again welcome lumberjacks, lumberjanes and everything in between.

Are you hefty with both brains and brawn? Do you have three friends who are a mix of male and female? If yes, you should pull them together, prove that you’re the best and take home the coveted Feats of Strength trophy. You might chop a log; you might build the best pancake tower ever. Regardless, you must be both physically and mentally superior. Registration is $100 and you can register online here.

Is your secret strength growing only the finest facial locks? Show us your Pantene best (insert image of facial hair toss here) at Michigan’s most competitive and least professional beard competition! For a mere $5 (per category), you can enter in to bragging rights and our never-ending adoration, as well as a trophy for best overall. The categories are:

  • Best Overall
  • Biggest Beardiest Burliest
  • Weirdest of the Beardest
  • Best Femme Facial Fur
  • Handiest Handlebars

This a 21+ event, so leave your kids at home and take a day for yourself! Of course, kids can watch from a safe distance outside the festival, but if they try to sneak a beer, it needs to be in your basement. And, if you’re lucky enough to look young, good for you, we just need to see some ID before you enter. Leave your axes and guns at home. The only gun show we welcome are those fabulous muscles! And, if you haven’t yet picked up on it, this is outside! So, dress warm and bring your friends for games, beer, bourbon and serious fun! Is people watching more your style? We’d love to have you volunteer to help! Just think of the stories…

We’ll see you February 29!