It’s warming up out there so it’s time for some ice cream!

Old Town is your place for a cool treat on a hot day. We have three really great options.

Arctic Corner has been on the corner of Center St. and Cesar Chavez Ave. for 11 years. But their predecessors have been there since 1958. It’s hard to drive by on a hot day and not see a crowd because of their delicious soft serve products including cones, sundaes, milk shakes, frosties and more. There are always interesting flavors of the day as well.

Scoops is located on the corner of Cesar Chavez Ave. and Capitol Ave. in the historic Sinclair Gas Station building. This is the place to go for hard-packed MSU Dairy ice cream. They offer a myriad of flavors and ingredients in the ice cream and then create magnificent cones, sundaes, smoothies, frappes and more!  My fav is a fresh warm brownie sundae with D’Antonio chocolate ice cream. And there is a HUGE assortment of cones to load up.

Ozone’s Brewery is the least likely place for ice cream! They have a freezer case chock full of “Ice Box” brand Michigan made gourmet ice cream bars that blow away ANYTHING you’ve seen before in a bar EVER. For example, my favorite is “Green Dragon”: Oreo and Butterfinger cookie layer, mint chocolate chip ice cream, semi-sweet chocolate, topped with Oreo pieces and Butterfinger crumbs. A welcome treat after some spicy pizza or if you’re not in the mood for some amazing beer.


–by Mark Chamberlin, OTCA org committee