Business Spotlight: Friedland Industries

Friedland Industries has been at the same location on Maple Street since 1886. It was started by David F. Friedland. He became a prominent citizen in Lansing and in fact was chosen to get one of the first telephone lines. It is currently owned and operated by the fourth generation of the family.

1 million pounds a week! That is the average quantity of metal, paper/cardboard, and some plastics that they collect, clean, bundle and ship. They also do confidential document shredding and electronics recycling. To say the least, they are making a tremendous contribution to recycling resources and protecting our environment.

They can accept any quantity of materials from both private and corporate donors. If you have enough, they will even pay you for it! Non-ferrous metals are the most valuable. Check their website for more details on what they pay and what they accept. You can clear out some of your junk responsibly and make a few bucks! And all right here in Old Town.

By Mark Chamberlin, OTCA org committee