Elvis graces Old Town in new mural

A new face has made an appearance in the alleyways of Old Town, and it’s one you’re sure to recognize. As of Friday, September 8, in the alleyway behind The Creole, there is a larger-than-life Velvet Elvis. The mural was done by Eric Schantz of Saginaw, Mich., and commissioned by OTCA’s own Jamie Schriner.

elvis-muralJamie’s flat in Old Town came with a large expanse of empty, white brick wall along the side of her garage. She knew of Schantz through his previous projects in Lansing and invited him over for a neighborhood barbecue, to go over some ideas for a mural.

Eric shared, “We were sitting here [by the wall], and [Jamie] was like ‘I can see something on the wall, an Elvis would be cool. [And I said] an Elvis would be awesome!”

Jamie’s Elvis is one out of roughly 120 public art pieces that Eric has painted in his 12 years as a spray paint muralist. He began in Saginaw with a neighborhood beautifying project, and made the move to Lansing on a commission to paint Potter’s Mill in Reo Town.

“As long as Lansing keeps feeding me, keeps giving me projects, I will stay in the area and keep working because I like it here,” he said.

Eric is available for commission work by anyone in the Lansing area. You can reach him by cell phone at 989-860-4809 or on Facebook at Eric Schantz Murals.

By Emma Kauffman, OTCA org committee member