Intern Intros

Meet our Communication and Design Interns!

  • Sidney – Incoming senior at MSU who is studying the management side of Advertising. She plays a huge part in the communications work surrounding Old Town festivals. Sidney is also the president of Spartans Rebuilding Michigan, a student organization at MSU designed to connect students willing to volunteer with nonprofits in need.
  • Ellen – Just recently graduated from MSU with a major in Communications and a minor in PR. She helps the OTCA with their social media presence and newsletter stories. In her free time, Ellen loves to play ultimate frisbee and go for runs on the River Trail.
  • Kristen – Graduated from MSU in 2016 with a Creative Advertising degree. Kristen is a huge help with OTCA’s graphic design and is responsible for the majority of OTCA’s internal designs, from posters to maps, for almost all of the festivals and events.