Business Spotlight: Olympic Broil

olympicDo you yearn for simpler times? You know, those days when people weren’t glued to their cellphones, muscle cars would cruise the streets and hamburgers only cost 25 cents? Without a time machine, you won’t easily find this — but you can come close at Olympic Broil Restaurant on N. Grand River Avenue.

Named for the family’s Greek heritage, the restaurant boasts everything from burgers to gyros to coney dogs. Oh, and one must never forget their amazing chicken strips. Foregoing the frozen food shortcut is key here, and wow does it pay off.

Owner Mike Alexander, no stranger to hard work, has continued to keep the crowds happy with fresh foods and low prices over the years.

You might be hard-pressed to find a better deal in town. The Humdinger Burger, dressed with cheese, ketchup, onions, pickles, tomato, mayo and lettuce, is $3.69 for the sandwich and $5.69 if you make it a combo with fries and a drink. A six-piece chicken strip combo only sets you back $6.49 and you can get a coney dog for $1.69. (Prices here do not include tax.)

Once a drive-in during the 1960s, the building features a long overhang that extends into the parking lot. Although they no longer feature carside service, it’s easy to see why these venues were such popular hangouts in days gone by.

As warm weather arrives you will begin to see vintage cars in the parking lot, much like birds instinctively flying back home after months wintering elsewhere. Hoods are popped so you can get a closer look at the engines and shammies come out to give a quick shine to paint jobs.

All of these assets combined mean that many times there is a sizable line when you get to the restaurant, but don’t be deterred. It moves quickly and is worth the short wait.

Don’t plan your visit to Olympic Broil on a Sunday as they are closed but you will be met with delicious food and a large serving of nostalgia from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. the rest of the week.

Olympic Broil is located at 1320 N. Grand River Avenue on the river. Preview their menu here.

by Molly Keenan, OTCA org committee member