OTCA is Taking Big Strides in 2017

Old Town volunteers
OTCA volunteers work on beautification and so much more to keep Old Town a vibrant place.

The Old Town Commercial Association is made up entirely of volunteers – people who work together either on individual projects or as part of a committee – to make a difference in the community and beyond.

Through simple tasks like picking up trash, pouring beer at a festival or developing membership strategy, each volunteer hour helps get us closer to these goals. Every volunteer helps us continue to uphold the OTCA Mission: To maintain a vibrant business community in Lansing’s historic Old Town district by providing services and opportunities that foster economic growth and community engagement.

From businesses to events, marketing to membership, OTCA is taking big strides in 2017. Read below, or visit otca.wildapricot.org/volunteer to find out how you can get involved.


Board of Directors

OTCA Board members
OTCA Board of Directors including 2016 & 2017 members (and staff).

The association is led by an all-volunteer board of directors made up of residents, business owners, property owners and dedicated friends. The board oversees an executive director who handles the day-to-day work of the association and coordinates with committees to accomplish their goals.

The board also sets overarching goals for the organization and plots the course for volunteer work each year – 2017 goals are 1) to have zero vacancies in storefronts and properties within our borders; 2) to expand the boundaries (real and perceived) of Old Town Lansing; and 3) to work toward becoming a Midwest destination.


Committees & Work Plans

Vitality, vibrancy, engagement and community are just some of the attributes volunteers work to enhance in Old Town Lansing. Through OTCA committees, many of these become projects with goals laid out in a simple planning document called a work plan.

Work plans are overseen through OTCA’s four committees:

The 2017 OTCA Business Vitality Committee
The 2017 OTCA Business Vitality Committee

Business Vitality Committee members support existing businesses and property owners by providing resources and initiatives that create an engaged business community. They also assess real estate opportunities and work to recruit new businesses to Old Town. The committee’s 2017 projects are:

  • Business Retention/Resources
    • Wake Up Old Town!
  • Business Recruitment
    • Ribbon Cutting
  • Real Estate Assessment
The 2017 OTCA Design Committee
The 2017 OTCA Design Committee

Design Committee members enhance the appearance of Old Town through community aesthetics and public spaces projects, as well as promoting historic preservation. The committee’s 2017 projects are:

  • Aesthetics
    • Hanging Baskets/Light Pole Decorations
  • Education Tours
    • Old Town Garden Tour
  • Historic Preservation
  • Public Spaces
The 2017 OTCA Organization Committee
The 2017 OTCA Organization Committee

Organization Committee members develop strategy and implementation plans for OTCA communications, and coordinate strategy and relationships with volunteers, members and sponsors. The committee’s 2017 projects are:

  • Annual Meeting & Mixer
  • Communications
  • Membership
  • Sponsorship/Fundraising
  • Volunteers
The 2017 OTCA Promotions Committee
The 2017 OTCA Promotions Committee

Promotions Committee members promote Old Town through development of marketing and advertising plans for the OTCA, development and support of community events and partnerships with signature festival committees for the Festival of the Moon & Sun, ScrapFest and Old Town Oktoberfest. The committee’s 2017 projects are:

  • Advertising
  • Community Events
    • ArtFeast
    • Chalk of the Town
    • Old Town Chocolate Walk
    • Taste & Tour of Old Town
  • Marketing
  • Signature Events
    • Festival of the Moon & Sun
    • Old Town Lansing Oktoberfest
    • ScrapFest
  • 4-3-50 Business collaboration

For more information about the Old Town Commercial Association, visit iloveoldtown.org/about.