Join OTCA, Be a Member in 2017

2017-member-cardHi all! My name is Rachel Kern, a member of the Old Town Organization Committee and a 2017 OTCA member.

It’s that time of the year again where we ask for all those who truly support us to purchase a membership! Being a member of Old Town provides opportunities to receive discounts on OTCA festival tickets, 10%-20% off your purchases at Old Town retailers and restaurants, and so much more. These memberships help the OTCA keep our historic district vibrant by beautifying the sidewalks, supporting local/small business and putting on outstanding events year-round.

At OTCA, our mission is to maintain a vibrant business community in Lansing’s historic Old Town district by providing services and opportunities that foster economic growth and community engagement. This is possible only through our celebration of diversity and support from members like you.

Individual memberships begin at $25 a year for awesome benefits – and we would like to ask you to purchase a membership/renewal prior to Dec. 31 if possible. This will give us a better picture of our budget in 2017 and allow us to continue pursuit of lofty goals including better signage, ever higher quality events and perhaps even a performance space.

To buy/renew, simply visit There you can choose from the membership levels –including individual, business and non-profit or property owner. To renew, you must first login. If you do not remember your login credentials, please contact the office or reach out to me and we’ll be glad to help. I look forward to having you join/renew as an OTCA member!

by Rachel Kern, OTCA org committee member