Show Old Town Love Through Social Media Sharing

As you may know, Old Town is almost entirely made up of volunteers. People like you and I donate our time, resources and skills to make Old Town a thriving community. Did you know there’s another very easy way you can volunteer seconds a day that make an impact? You can! Let me tell you how…

Sharing tweets, posts and photos from Old Town social media accounts directly impacts the success of OTCA.

  • On Facebook: Click Share under an Old Town post and select “Share” from the pop up menu. Feel free to write a post of your own that will appear to your friends above the shared post! That’s it, you’re done! Here’s a step-by-step guide on Facebook:
  • On Twitter: Click the Retweet icon (two arrows in a square) and you’ll be prompted to add your own comment! Click “Tweet” (or if you don’t have anything to add, “Retweet”. All done!
  • On Instagram: Instagram doesn’t have a native share button, but we would love for you to Like and Comment on our posts, and feel free to tag your friends in the comments so they can see our posts too!

And here’s a cheat sheet to make the most of your social sharing in order of importance:

  1. News posts: These are posts about what’s going in Old Town including new businesses, event announcements, bigger initiatives and more. Share these first!
  2. Event posts: Anything surrounding an Old Town event or festival including tickets/promotion, call for volunteers, sponsorship opportunities and logistics.

By Courtney Maki, OTCA org committee