Business Spotlight: Metro Retro

metroretroLooking for a vintage pink chiffon nightgown with feathery frills? Or perhaps you are scouring shops for that perfect pair of jeans that are already broken in for you? Maybe a quirky lamp is more what you are on the hunt for this week. If so, you are in luck because Metro Retro has a little something for everyone.

The vintage store, located at 304 E. Grand River Ave., boasts a mixture of new and used items ranging from accessories and clothing to throw pillows and clocks. Exploring this treasure trove is a fun experience for all of your senses and fairly easy on your wallet too.

Owners Ted and Danny Stewart have been selling their unique wares in Old Town since May. Ted said his love for the sense of community in Old Town played a big role in why they chose it for their store.

While shopping, don’t miss the mural at the back of the store. Painted by Britta Urness, the mural captures the off-the-wall vibe of the store with images such as a superhero asking, “What’s a girl to wear?”

Check out this store the next time you are searching for that rare item that won’t break your bank, but be sure to confirm their hours before you make your trip. They are closed Mondays and if you like to do your shopping early, just know that they don’t open until noon the rest of the week.

By Molly Keenan, OTCA org committee