Business Spotlight: Scoops Ice Cream

scoopsRico Lewis has always loved business.

Rico owned a natural foods store as well as a beauty supply store in Detroit when he lived there. Once he moved to Lansing, Linda Baughman, his business partner at Scoops, took him on a tour of Old Town. He fell in love with the scenery and historic setting of the town. One of Rico’s favorite buildings was the old Sinclair Gas Station that was built in 1923, which was formerly Artie’s Coffee House. One day he noticed the property was vacant and got in touch with the owner, Dale Schrader, who had recently restored the building in 2011. The building is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

This is when the idea of Scoops started to churn.

Scoops Ice Cream in Old Town offers 11 premium ice cream flavors, which include some from MSU Dairy, Hershey’s and Hudsonville. You can sit outside and enjoy anything from ice cream to pizza and burgers here at Scoops. One mechanism that sets Scoops apart from other ice cream businesses is that they will be staging events all summer. They are also available for children’s parties and family socials.

During the winter months Linda and Rico plan to remain open and operate their drive-thru during the winter with their “Scoops has Soups” along with other food items. For more information, visit them on their Facebook page or stop by when you’re in Old Town. Anyone who brings this article with them will receive a free “Scoop on Scoops” — try it out!

By Drew Thomasson, OTCA communications intern