Old Town 4-3-50 is a community project aiming to support neighborhood businesses and keep money right here in our community where it makes a real differerence.

How it works:
over the course of 4 months
shop at 3 different participating Old Town Businesses and
spend $50 at each store to earn a stamp

Once you have filled up your card, you have until May 5th to turn the card in to the OTCA office (but many businesses will take your full cards and turn them in for you!) 

Once all the full cards are in the office, we will draw the winner of a $100 Old Town Gift certificate! This period, every entry will be a winner! Each entry will earn a pile of Old Town Swag!

There is no limit to the amount of entries you may have, so get out there and support Old Town’s small businesses!


To stay up to date on 4-3-50, join our Facebook event!