Are you ready for a fierce competition of artistry through fire and metal? Old Town’s sixth annual ScrapFest is just that! On May 31, 18 teams will meet at Friedland Industries to scour the junkyard, collecting up to 500 pounds of scrap material in just one hour. These teams will have two weeks to build their masterpieces. The sculptures will then be unveiled at Old Town’s Festival of the Moon on Friday, June 20. The art pieces will be up for auction Saturday, June 21 at the Festival of the Sun.
So who are these 18 intrepid teams? The array of artists competing brings a diversity never seen at ScrapFest before. Team RAMbunctious is comprised of employees and graduates of the Holt Public School Ram’s. Old Town’s own Redhead Design Studio will be participating again as they merge with last year’s Junkyard Pirates team. Families across mid-Michigan are participating including Lansing’s Sandstedt family and the Whitford family of three from Grand Ledge. A group of LCC students are competing under the no-nonsense title, ‘The Team’. Buddies come together for burns and beer as Iron in the Blood, and childhood friends are reunited as The Neighbor Kids. While Team Demmer hails from a large corporation, their sculpture will focus on a topic that is personal to team members, as well as many of Americans. Team Demmer will be creating a sculpture that pays respect to those who have been affected by cancer.

ScrapFest brings together all types of artists and community members. We hope it brings you out to Old Town to see the finished masterpieces June 20 and 21!