Business Spotlight: Arts Council of Greater Lansing

The Arts Council of Greater Lansing provides education, funding, resources and consulting services to artists and 140 arts and cultural agencies throughout the capital region. The Arts Council is committed to empowering both the people who like art and the people who make art and actively work to promote the value of the arts and to make the arts possible.
Debbie Mikula, the Executive Director, commented, “we support, strengthen, and promote the arts. Our goal is to build a foundation, and from there build professional capacity.” Mikula explained that the Arts council is “small but mighty.”
You are encouraged to help allow the Arts Council make an impact as a collective group of artists, educators and organizations. Help the Arts Council achieve their mission – to lead, advocate for and support arts and culture in the capital region by becoming a member!
For further questions, you can contact the Arts Council at (517) 372-4636 or stop in to their storefront at 1208 Turner St.!