Business Spotlight: Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan

It’s that time of year again. We keep our eyes peeled for the caddette or brownie occupying a folding table, or wait for the little taps on your door that bring those green, orange, yellow, blue and purple boxes (for most this was last month). Whether you’re a Thin Mint type or crazy for those coconut Samoa’s­—sometimes called Carmel Delites, we all love Girl Scout Cookies.
What you may not know is that the Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan Lansing Regional Center and Shop is tucked right inside the block of Turner Street and Grand River Avenue, in Old Town where you can get your favorite cookies ALL YEAR LONG. Although, the Old Town community is home to a lot more than those happy boxes.

For over 100 years, Girl Scouts of America has expanded into a worldwide sisterhood of over 10 million girls and women in over 145 countries. The organization is dedicated to creating an environment that empowers young women to be confident and responsible citizens of the world.
Starting at a young age, girls are able to learn, explore and give back to their community through projects, camps and other community activities. Each Girl Scout takes the Girl Scout Promise and follows the Girl Scout Law.

As you can see, being a Girl Scout is about way more than just cookies. Selling cookies is just one of the many ways that a Girl Scout learns. She learns how to run a business while learning money management, setting goals, tracking orders and making decisions on how to spend the money. And if you’re wondering where that cookie profit goes—right back to each individual troop to pay for activities and more learning.

So each time you get a craving, stop by the Lansing Regional Center and Shop in Old Town, so that each box you buy helps a young girl in Lansing grow.

Learn more and sign up your future scout at

Can’t make it down to Old Town? There’s a cookie app for that…Click here to learn more about how to find a cookie vendor wherever you are! 

How does your favorite stack up?