Festival of the Moon & Sun Performers Announced!

We are excited to announce our entertainment lineup for Festival of the Moon and Sun, which will be held Friday, June 21st and Saturday, June 22nd 2013 at Lot 56 in Old Town.

Festival of the Moon will feature three bands this year: Billiards Music, Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers and our headliner Langhorne Slim. Read below for the bios from each band’s website.

Billiards Music Bio: Lansing’s own Billiards Music’s blend of pulsating summertime reggae, rocking grooves and snappy beats is the feel-good antidote to the heartsick blues, day-to-day blues, rhythm and blues, or whatever is keeping you from dancing. The fat ocean of bass, tight buoyant percussion, weaving sun-kissed melodies and fun, rocking stage show make the dance floors packed, the drinks a-flowing and the perfect honey-dipped soundtrack to the memories that last a lifetime.

Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers Bio: Joe Hertler started as a successful solo artist and then formed a duo with guitarist Ryan Hoger. That duo expanded when they caught the eye of Kevin Pritchard, who asked them to do a special performance in Bigger Brush Media’s Quilted Attic. Soon, drummer and life long friend of Pritchard, Rick Hale, joined the band, bringing his jazz-trained services into the mix. After the release of the first Rainbow Seekers album, On Being, which has sold an impressive 1,400 copies to date with no outside help, the band grew again. Keyboardist Micah Braken and saxaphone prodigy Aaron Stinson joined, giving the group a decidedly classic turn. Live instruments, live musicianship and live energy became the creed of The Rainbow Seekers and led them to the live recording at The Russell.

Langhorne Slim: There is nothing like the challenges and camaraderie of the road to inspire a songwriter who thrives upon the emotional energy and exhilaration only travel can deliver. Some singers are devoted to the pursuit of perpetual motion, and Langhorne Slim releases his wild soul in ways that come out of the discipline of live performance. Fun fact: Langhorne Slim was featured on The Conan O’Brien Show in March!
Festival of the Sun will feature four entertainers this year. Please read below for their bios and musical influences.

Taylor Taylor: Taylor Taylor is a 16-year-old native of Lansing, Mi with African American and Colombian roots. She has been cultivating her Jazzy-pop style with classical guitar skills, warm, charismatic vocals and songwriting lyrics, which reveal her intelligence beyond her 16 years.

Summer of Sol: It’s members are a slice of the local music scene represented by the unforgettable, unharnessed natural vocals of Lauren Gewirtz; the solid riffs, grooves, and chops of guitarist Doug Fritch; the powerful and soulful statements of six-stringman Will Rideout; with fearless and free dialogue from Jon Gewirtz on tenor saxophone; phenomenal candid funk musings via bassist Jon Herrmann; and solid-smooth rhythmic pockets crafted by drummer Jeff Shoup.

The Whiskey Pickers: The Whiskey Pickers are a four-man acoustic band that came to be in small apartments, dive bars and patches of grass in Lansing, Mi. Influenced by old-time mountain music from a century ago, the band also draws on folk, bluegrass and their Rust Belt home to create a unique brand of Americana music. Their sets are a mix of traditional and original numbers that will make you dance, drink and stomp your feet. Whether in suits on stage or on porches with a jug, they’re proud to be part of the fertile Michigan music scene.

The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle (The LUVS): Since early 2011, The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle has been performing high energy theatrical shows on street corners, bars and various stages around Michigan. Over time, we evolved from a loose conglomeration of artists on the streets to a dedicated band of performers with hand built props, scripts and pyrotechnics. We have become more of a family than anything else- a family of creatives, hard workers, misfits and trouble makers. We put a lot of work into our shows, and want more than anything to provide the audience with a fun and unique experience.
So there you have it folks! Come for the drinks and stay for the band, or maybe you come for the band and stay for the drinks? Either way we know you can’t stay away from Old Town during festival season (we can’t either).

Keep a look out for the launch of the festival website!