Poetry Bench Contest Winners

The Poetry Bench Contest is a public seating initiative that will place poetry inspired by the spirit of Old Town on new public benches throughout the historic downtown. During the month of August the public had an opportunity to submit their best poetry and OTCA received more than 50 submissions. The OTCA Design Committee narrowed the field down to 12 and invited the community to cast their vote for their favorite poems. The final 12 were narrowed down to these 6 winners:




“Festivals” by Michael Grove

Live for the sun, gaze at the moon,

feel the jazz, move to the blues,

ponder the art in mosaic,

share the spirit that you choose.


“The Wellspring” by Tim Cerullo

With hustle and bustle and passersby,

the city can wear you thin.

So here’s a place to rest your soul,

recharge, and start again.


“Becoming Memories” by Denny Green

Towns are measured by memories they hold

Dearly treasured days of old

And time’s a river, bright and new,

We all go with her, becoming memories too


“Lucky Star” by Denise Corey Henderson

I hear the music across the way

my toes begin to tap

the beauty of my city

just a star upon a map


“A Global Soul” by tdd

My soul is a global citizen: born of the hard earth

grown by sunlight, expanded through language,

thriving on culture.


“Morning” by Ruelaine Stokes

Slowly the day stands up

Pulls on its blue dress

Plaid socks and walking shoes

Heads out the door


Thank you to all who submitted poems, we’ve enjoyed reading all the different perspectives on how Old Town speaks to you and look forward to unveiling the poetry on our 6 new benches soon.