Member Spotlight: Tallulah’s Folly

Unleash your creative side with a visit to Tallulah’s Folly, a whimsical flower and gift shop located at 1220 Turner Street in Old Town. Whether you are looking for a floral arrangement or a unique gift for a friend, Tallulah’s Folly has the diversity, eccentricity and creativity to inspire any shopper.

Owner, David Gregware, is dedicated to buying local as much as possible, so of course it’s only fitting that all edible products in the shop are Michigan-made. Tallulah’s Folly also features local art and jewelry. Feast your belly and your eyes on antique/vintage furniture, greeting cards, paintings, coffee, chai, jars of pickles, dog treats and beautifully made ceramics.

The “folly” doesn’t stop there. Don’t’ forget that Tallulah’s Folly also provides fresh flowers and arrangements. Whether for an event or wedding, these are not your typical floral designs. Arrangements are inspirational, creative and innovative.

Pop over to Tallulah’s Folly for your holiday shopping or even just a midday pick-me-up. Delve into the garage turned gift shop and embrace the whimsy that it holds.