Committee Feature: Design

Ever wonder what the Old Town committees are up to? Over the next 4 months we will feature each of the four committees, touching on the purpose of the committee and some of the projects they have completed and are currently working on. Each of our committees is comprised of a dedicated group of volunteers that are passionate about continuing the revitalization of Lansing’s only historic district. We will start with the design committee:

The design committee makes sure that once people come down to Old Town, they have something to look at. Old Town features some of the best architecture and the highest concentration of historic buildings in Lansing. Those great buildings are accented by clean, vibrant streetscapes and parks thanks to the dedicated volunteers of the committee.

Some noticeable projects the committee has completed this year are the brand new banners and danglers hanging from the light posts on Turner St. and Grand River. They also hosted the community clean-up where the sidewalks and flower beds were weeded, flowers were hung from the light posts and new flower beds were created to add more color to our historic streets.

Projects that are currently underway are poetry benches and re-painting the OTCA office. The committee is currently accepting poems which will be entered into a contest where the best poems will be featured on 6 new benches to be placed throughout Old Town. If you would like to participate in this contest download the application below, fill it out and send it in.

Poetry Bench Contest Application

If you would like to join OTCA’s design committee or volunteer to help with their efforts, email or call 517-485-4283.