Old Town Scrapfest 2012 Winners

Old Town’s fourth annual Scrapfest was a huge success! Fifteen creative sculptures were on display during this year’s Festival of the Moon and Sun for all to see. Five local judges looked over each sculpture, judging on the piece’s concept, craftsmanship, unique interpretation of the materials and artistry. Here are this year’s winners:

            1st: We Art Junk for the second year in a row with their piece titled “Knights of the Sky.”


            2nd: Family Unit Fabricators with their piece titled “Down by the River.”

            3rd: Hamco with their interactive piece titled “Fun with Scrap.”

            Robert P Busby People’s Choice Award went to Family Unit Fabricators!

We would like to thank all the teams that participated, their artwork was absolutely stunning! We also want to thank our sponsors, along with the volunteers who helped both at collection day and the auction, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Visit www.oldtownscrapfest.org for more information on this unique Old Town event and to view more pictures from our 2012 competition.