Chalk of the Town 2012 Winners

On June 2, the streets of Old Town radiated with chatter, sunshine, and acoustic music as residents strolled the streets to witness artwork in the making at this year’s Chalk of the Town. Guests of all ages observed every day sidewalks transform into astonishingly beautiful works of art. 25 participants chalked up Old Town storefronts this year, displaying a wide range of artistic ability from young children to professional artists. 

Near the end of the event, three artists were awarded for their especially wonderful artwork. This year’s winners are:

Judge’s Choice: Lansing graphic designer and professional artist, Julia Purosky

The People’s Choice: David Zinn, a professional artist from Ann Arbor

Young Artist’s award: Kim Staples and team from DeWitt High School.

Chad Badgero, Communications Coordinator at the Arts Council of Greater Lansing and Chalk of the Town committee member, said he loves this event in particular because it allows for a diversified festival base. The family friendly, casual atmosphere in conjunction with the Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau event, Be A Tourist In Your Own Town, is a special occasion for residents of any age.

“It’s exciting to create something that brings people to Old Town and exposes them to our district in a way that hopefully gives them a valuable experience,” said Badgero. “Our goal is to create events that reflect well in the district and that bring people back to Old Town to enjoy what the local businesses have to offer.”

Guests observed the creative process of the artists while stopping in Old Town’s favorite local shops, restaurants, and art galleries. For anyone who visited Meat Southern BBQ & Carnivore Cuisine’s food table to fuel up, their mac n cheese and pulled pork was a huge hit. The children’s area in Sir Pizza’s parking lot lit up with enthusiastic children eager to get their face painted. Other activities included puppet making in Gallery 1212, a coloring station at the Arts Council, and even a live puppet show by puppeteer Fred Englegav. The show, “Chalkapalooza,” was created by Englegav specifically for the event, with puppets made from scratch as well as original music and script.

Chalk of the Town would not have been possible without the help of our staff, sponsors, members, and volunteers. Thank you to everyone involved for allowing OTCA to continue to put on this free event to promote art, local businesses, and the spirit of Old Town within the Greater Lansing community.