Join OTCA and Become a Member Today!

Each year dedicated Old Town volunteers and board members  strive to create the most vibrant community for businesses and residents alike.  Though many of the services that our organization provides is geared toward the betterment of the community as a whole, a handful of the most visible services is set aside for members of the organization.


Though the OTCA has several funding streams, none are more important than the membership dues that are collected each year, growing grassroots support, identifying stakeholders, and ensuring the sustainability of the organization.

As we come upon another year of volunteer driven success stories for our neighborhood, we’d like to highlight some of the more recent member benefits available through the OTCA.


Free membership to the Small Business Association of Michigan including;

 Group health insurance benefits through Blue Cross Blue Shield and COBRA Administration. 401k Retirement Planning through Nationwide Financial Services and 25% off packages delivered across the state, country or world with special volume rates.


Opportunity to receive support through Old Town Business Assistance Team

 A variety of business professionals available at your fingertips for one on one peer to peer counseling, providing you with the knowledge and community support to succeed as a small business.


Old Town discount cards for you and your staff

Opportunity to promote your business to the over 300 OTCA members through the Old Town discount cards and hundreds of dollars more in savings for you and your staff.


Eligibility for Main Street Design Services

Free Design Services from a State Historic Preservation Office Architect which includes one on one consultation, schematic drawings, budget information, product information, timelines and color samples.


Inclusion in maps, directories, website

Business listing in thousands of maps, directories as well as detailed business information on, Old Town’s premiere resource for business and event information.

Join today or renew your membership for 2011 by filling out the below information and membership dues based on the number of employees and drop it off or mail it to 1232 Turner St.  For more information about how to come a member of the Old Town Commercial Association, or if you are already a member and looking to capitalize on the services listed feel free to visit the website at or contact Brittney at 517.485.4283.


Member levels

The OTCA has a wide range of membership levels to fit the needs of individuals and businesses.  Membership are for  the calendar year, (January 1 through December 31).   



Start up business (less than one year in business in Old Town) $50

Co-op/Non-profit $100

1-3 Employees $150

4-10 Employees $250

11-20 Employees $500

21-30 Employees $750

31 or more Employees $1,000

(Two part time employees equal one full time employee



$45 Individual membership

$10 Student Membership (with valid student ID)

The OTCA is a 501<c)3 nonprofit organization

Your contribution may be tax deductible according to IRS regulations.  Please send the completed membership application along with a check made out to OTCA to;

Old Town Commercial Association

1232 Turner St.

Lansing, MI 48906