Renegade Theatre Festival

Three words describe the annual Renegade Theatre Festival, Connection – Community – Celebration. Each year local and regional theater company’s come together for a three day long event to celebrate the magic and drama that lies within the art of theater. No matter how familiar you may be with the performing arts, the Renegade Theatre Festival offers audience members the chance to find connections and opportunities to personally identify within the numerous performances that are held. On each of the three nights, visitors will have a dozen choices with shows in traditional performance spaces and some unique locations all over Old Town.  Saturday afternoon will feature several children’s theatre plays.

The Renegade Theater Festival was developed with the goal to create opportunities for artists of all experience levels to offer a wide spectrum of theatre with varying techniques, production values, and styles. For someone who doesn’t spend much time in the theater scene, you might change your mind when you witness this event. This festival embraces a wide range of performance styles including avant-garde, puppet shows, dramatic pieces, comedy and musicals – creating interest for anyone.  “It’s also the only time in the entire year when all of the theatre companies in the area and beyond are in the same place, and that’s exciting,” said Chad Badgero, Founder and Artistic Director of Peppermint Creek Theatre Company and Co-Founder of the Renegade Theatre Festival.  In addition, Badgero mentioned the Renegade N.O.W. (New Original Works) is giving six different playwrights, both local and from across the country, a chance to have their new work produced for the first time.  This means six plays are getting a world premiere at Renegade Theatre Festival

So head down to Old Town and enjoy local foods, one-of-a-kind shopping and the exciting Renegade Theatre Festival August 18, 19, 20 with shows at 7pm & 9pm. Saturday has kids shows at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. For more information visit: