PNC & Lowes support Old Town Community Garden

            In late August, the Old Town Community Garden will receive some much appreciated renovations, thanks to Lowe’s and PNC Bank.

Garden lots can be difficult to find, but soon enough Old Town’s community garden will be effortless to pin point. Because PNC Bank agreed to give a grant, the garden will be getting a much needed sign.

            The garden will also gain a great deal of assistance from Lowe’s.  Lowe’s will be sending a team of volunteers to build a shed with a water collection system, donating bricks and plant starters. The shed will offer easy access to supplies and make watering more efficient. The starters will help ensure a bountiful harvest.

Thanks to Lowe’s and PNC Bank’s additions to the garden, a friendly and welcoming environment for locals to experience all sorts of aspects of gardening can grow. Currently the garden is ran by ten volunteers who work regularly to help maintain a variety of fresh vegetables such as: leaks, tomatoes, squash and herbs. The Residents of Old Town Group, ROOT Group, and its committee chair Mike Davis, are enthused to expand this project. The Old Town Community Garden will continue to flourish through the efforts of many. If you are interested in getting involved in this vibrant community, for more information please contact the Old Town Commercial Association at 517.485.4283.