Banners and Baskets Line Old Town Streets

The Old Town Commercial Association (OTCA) would like to invite you to be part of our ever-growing community by purchasing a banner. A dangler is an additional banner that hangs from the main banner on street lampposts located in Old Town, creating great exposure for your organization. For just $150, your dangler will list your organization’s name and will be displayed on the lampposts for one year.

Old Town’s banner program allows for regular maintenance of the banners, hardware and baskets that line Turner St. and Grand River Ave.  By participating in this highly visible opportunity, you are bringing the colors of spring to Old Town, Lansing.

Old Town was once the home of vacant buildings and high crime and is now home to unique boutiques, thriving festivals and great galleries. Creative independent businesses continue to flock to the historic Old Town district. The OTCA would love for you to be part of our ever-growing community by purchasing a dangler.

The locations of the danglers are on a first come first serve basis for our 74 streetlights. If you would like to have your business associated with our great community, or have any questions, please contact the OTCA office at (517) 485-4283.