Scrapfest Artist Applications Now Available

It’s that time of the year again, time to get scrappy! After a long awaited off season, festival time is approaching and that means Scrapfest. Old Town Scrapfest is an intense two week sculpture competition in which teams of artists, welders and Scrapfest enthusiasts utilize recycled scrap materials from Friedland Industries in Old Town Lansing.


The competition will begin with one hour to collect scrap at Friedland Industries and two weeks to build a masterpiece. The sculptures will then be displayed during Old Town’s popular Festival of the Moon & Festival of the Sun. Last year, these two festivals attracted more than 10,000 visitors to Old Town, with more expected this year. The finished pieces will be judged by accomplished artists and community members and auctioned off during Festival of the Sun on Saturday, June 25.


Founded in 2009, Old Town Scrapfest is Lansing’s greenest arts project and is almost completely sustainable. Scrapfest is also a fundraiser supporting public art projects in the historic Old Town district.


So call your plumber, call your blacksmith and call any friend with some artistic ability because Old Town is getting their scrap on! This year applications can be filled out and submitted online or downloaded in PDF form here. Applications are due April 29, 2011 and Scrapfest official kicks off June 11, 2011.