Member Business Spotlight: Gallery 1212

Four women, three weeks and one vision: that’s the story behind Gallery 1212.

For the past year, Donna Randall, Joni Sztykiel, Carolyn Haun and Rebecca Stafford have devoted time to painting together each week.

“We help each other and encourage each other,” Carolyn said. “When four people work together, it just works better.”

Besides their love for painting, these four artists also shared the desire to offer the community a creative outlet. Thus, when the opportunity presented itself, they joined together to craft their vision of an art gallery and studio where artists and community members alike could come together and share their love for art. That vision has since manifested into what is now Gallery 1212.

In less than three weeks, 1212 Turner Street was transformed it from an empty space into an art haven. These four friends worked day and night painting walls, cleaning carpet, changing lighting and furnishing the rooms inside. Each artist brought her own style and personality to the studio. (One example you’ll notice after entering the eggplant colored bathroom designed and painted by Joni).

Now, Donna, Joni, Carolyn and Rebecca invite you to join in the artistry. People of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to take part in weekly classes and workshops ranging from water color to pen and ink drawing. If you’re looking for unique centerpieces or wall décor, Gallery 1212 also features artwork by Mid-Michigan artists.

So when exploring the many art galleries of Old Town, don’t forget to stop by Gallery 1212, located at 1212 Turner Street. New classes and workshops are offered every month. For more information or to sign up call (517) 999-1212 or visit